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Hi, y’all! Welcome to the wedding blog, a journal about my couples, weddings, travel, and family. Stay a while and say hello!

Hi, I'm Julia

Colleen & Andrew | ENGAGED


Engagement Portraits | Gaver Farm Frederick, Maryland

I met Colleen and Andrew for their engagement session in Mt. Airy MD, the day fall weather decided to drop bellow 70 degrees. But they were so excited for their session that the chilly air wasn’t going to keep them down. They even texted me an adorable selfie of them all dressed up in the car to let me know they were on their way (How adorable are they! <3). Their laid back and sweet personalities made this session so much fun.

Colleen and Andrew first connected through OkCupid, the online dating service (a popular trend among my brides! ). Although Colleen was the to initiate their first conversation, it was Andrew that asked her out for dinner and drinks at his place for their first date. Andrew showed off his cooking skills, preparing burgers, fries, and margaritas. Colleen was very impressed! Their connection was electric and they spent the rest of the night talking and really getting to know each other.

Im sure, going into this date neither Colleen or Andrew knew it would be the one that would change their lives forever. But their chemistry was so instantaneous that they’ve been inseparable ever since.

Andrew is Colleen’s rock and biggest supporter. Even through troubled times due to a loss of employment, Andrew has been by her side. Colleen fell in love with Andrew’s thoughtfulness and consideration for others. Andrew also immediately understood Colleen’s comedic timing and sense of humor, allowing her to be her entire self with him.

Andrew is her biggest supporter and rock. -Colleen

From the moment that they met, Andrew could tell that Colleen was more mature than most woman he had dated. He was inspired by her work ethic and ambition, enthralled by their intelligent conversations, and cherished her compassion for others. He knew right away that she was bringing something amazing and special into his life.

…she was bringing something amazing and special into his life.

Colleen and Andrew are self proclaimed home bodies. Their favorite date night includes staying in, cooking together, and snuggling on the couch to watch movies. But don’t let that fool you, these two are super outgoing social butterflies who love hosting parties, playing games, and drinking with friends. They also love to travel. During this time of year they enjoy going to corn mazes and visiting Virginia for the Bull Run Festival of Lights.

On August 30th, Colleen awoke to what she thought would be a normal day and started getting ready for work. Noticing that Andrew was acting a little odd, she decided to ignore it and continued with her morning routine. But Andrew continued hovering around her, so Colleen finally stopped and asked if he was okay, Andrew dropped down to one knee and asked Colleen to marry him. She instantly said “Of course, YES!”. Colleen was totally surprised!

“Of course, YES!” -Colleen

These two love birds are getting married on September 27, 2020. I could not be more excited for them. When asked what they are most looking forward to on their big day, Andrew replied “Seeing Colleen in her dress and seeing our 2 years of dating culminated into something amazing”. Colleen said “Celebrating everything in our wonderful lives that we have created together.”

Seeing our 2 years of dating culminated into something amazing…Celebrating everything in our wonderful lives that we have created together.




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