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Bears Den Overlook Engagement Session | Bluemont, VA

“Liz on Top of the World”, is the musical inspiration I find myself listening to as I edited these amazing images from Paige and Cameron’s Bears Den Overlook engagement session. During their session I remember thinking of my favorite scene from Pride and Prejudice.  The  misty dawn meeting of Lizzie and Mr. Darcy, in the meadow just before sunrise. Though Paige and Cameron opted for a sunset session. The dynamic change of light was the same and created such stunning images.

Thankfully Paige and Cameron didn’t have to go through the same growing pains as Lizzie and Mr. Darcy.  Being high school sweethearts they always knew they were meant to be!  They both share a love for nature and all things outdoors. It only made sense that their session be held in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley in Northern Virginia, where the rolling tree covered hills create a magical scenic location. 

As we started our hike down to our overlook destination, I remember the ease and synchronicity between Paige and Cameron. It was mesmerizing to see how much they loved their beautiful daughter and each other. They all just enjoyed being in the present moment with each other.  As we twisted our way down the path and came to where the timberline broke and opened, I was stunned by the majestic panoramic view, but was also surprised by the number of people that had gathered to watch the sunset. 

But Paige and Cameron were absolute rock stars, never hesitating to scale the boulders in dress attire, and cuddle on the mountain’s edge. Although Paige and Cameron are not center stage people, they didn’t waiver having their whole session in front of a crowd of strangers. Paige and Cameron just melted away into their own universe when wrapped around each other. For the duration of their session, it seemed they were the only ones on the mountain, despite the crowd. This was their mountain, and theirs alone. It was really a sight to behold!  

I am so excited for Paige and Cameron’s wedding at the end of this month! I know it’s going to be another magical filled day. But until then, please enjoy my favorites from this gorgeous Bears Den overlook engagement. 




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