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Hi, y’all! Welcome to the wedding blog, a journal about my couples, weddings, travel, and family. Stay a while and say hello!

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Leonardtown Wharf Wedding


Meghan and Michael’s sophisticated Leonardtown Wharf wedding a black-tie gala was an energetically elegant affair. Expertly designed by the talented team at Kismet Weddings and Events, who spared no effort in creating a magical event for the couple and their guests. They meticulously executed to perfection, from the lavish table settings to the beautifully crafted floral chandeliers, every detail was The classic black and white tiled dance floor, the live band, and the masquerade ball added an air of glamour and elegance that was truly unforgettable.

Moreover, the day was not just about the grandeur but steeped in tradition and family. Meghan and Michael exchanged vows at Our Lady’s Catholic Church at Medley’s Neck, which is her family’s church. This added a special touch of tradition and sentimentality to their ceremony. After the ceremony, the bride and groom leaped into a beautiful vintage cherry-red and white Mercury V8, a very cool family heirloom, and swiftly chauffeured away. However, the most significant sweet moments came from the couple’s next stop. Wanting to include Meghan’s grandparents, Meghan and Michael stopped at the nursing home to say hello. It was extremely important for Meghan and Michael to find a way to let them her grandparents partake in the wedding day. It was a tender moment that captured the essence of the couple’s love and the importance of family. 

The Reception

Meghan and Michael’s reception was an opulent affair, where the bride and groom were surrounded by their nearest and dearest loved ones. Emphatically, the guests delivered eloquent speeches filled with both sentimentality and humor, bringing forth tears and laughter alike. It was a grand celebration of the couple’s love, a tribute to the journey that led them to this remarkable day. The clear top reception venue provided a sparkling ambiance. Allowing our couple and their guests to dance the night away beneath a glittering canopy of stars. The night was nothing short of magical. With each moment etched in the memory of Meghan and Michael and their guests forever.

In brief it is my utmost honor to have my team capture the radiant love and pure bliss that enveloped Meghan and Michael on their unforgettable day. Every detail, from the bespoke table settings to the lush floral arrangements, is a testament to the couple’s exceptional taste and love for each other. It was a truly magical day, imbued with a palpable sense of enchantment and extravagance that will be remembered for years to come. I deeply cherish the opportunity my team had to have played a role in their exceptional celebration of love.

In conclusion, let us raise our glasses to the beauty of love and the magic that surrounds it. May we cherish the simple joys that life brings us. Let us always remember the unforgettable moments of Meghan and Michael’s sophisticated Leonardtown Wharf Wedding A Black-Tie Gala. Cheers to a love that will last a lifetime!


Wedding Photography | Julia Summers Photography

Event Design / Decor Artist | Kismet Weddings and Events

Bridal Hair + Makeup| Katie Drury, Hello Hair Studio

Dress Designer: | Justin Alexander

Bridal Shop | Ellie’s Bridal

Florals | Towne Florist

Caterer | Baileys

Cocktail Hour Band | Billy Breslin 

Reception Hour Band | Vinyl Headlights

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